Converting 85.5-86 aluminum control arms to 83-85.1 steel control arms Print
Written by Aaron   
Sunday, 26 June 2011 23:07

Needed parts:

1.  Steel control arm

2.  Front of rear caster block

3.  Front of rear bushing

4.  Front of front bushing

  • You may want to switch to Weltmesiter or Delrin(Racer’s edge) bushings here, but the cost difference is pretty significant.

5.  Bolt in ball joint and bolts and nuts associated with them.

6a.     Sway bar end links (85.5-86 Drop links are NOT the same) and bolts and nuts associated with them.

6b.     If you do not want to get new end links, you can drill a hole in the steel control arm to accommodate your current sway bar drop links.  (Not advised)

7.  Sway bar end link bushings.  If you plan on running a sway bar larger than 23mm then you will need to bore out the bushing to the appropriate size for your sway bar.

8.  If you plan on running a sway bar larger than 24mm, you will need to use the 87+ center clips and appropriate size center bushing.  The 86 and earlier center clips will not work as they are too small.

That should be everything needed to make your conversion to steel control arms.  Porsche put out a TSB about 85.5-86 aluminum control arms not being used for serious competition, which is why it is recommended to switch to steel control arms.  Not to mention they are easier to replace and extremely cheap if you ever have to replace the control arm, bushings, or ball joints.
Good luck out there!