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944Fest South
Written by Jason Stanley   
Wednesday, 20 April 2016 13:52

Exciting news for 944 enthusiasts in the Southeast! 944Fest South will be hosted during the NASA Southeast's June Jam event at the historic Road Atlanta!  This event will be a gathering of 944 enthusiasts who will converge on two race tracks located just outside of Atlanta, GA.

944Fest will be a 2 day event which includes a High Performance Driving Event hosted by the NASA Southeast with 944Spec racing as the headliner for the Saturday Afternoon racing action, along with a car show, followed by go-karting, tech sessions and a banquet hosted by Motor Werks Racing at Atlanta Motorsports Park!

Details are still shaking out for extra 944Spec contingencies for this event but you can expect a whole set of Toyo Proxes RR race tires and Hawk Performance Brake Pads to be given away to the racers. Click on the pictures below or head to the forum for more details!

NASA Speed News Vol 5, Issue 3 Available
Written by Jason Stanley   
Thursday, 07 April 2016 06:00

This month's issue of NASA Speed News is a big one for 944Spec!


Not only are we featured on the cover, but we also have a class syllabus summarizing what we're all about, a story about the NASA Southeast 944Spec hobby shop called the Chicken Shack, and a member profile about one of our National Champion's from the NASA Rocky Mountain region! There are also race write ups from recent So Cal and Southeast region action.

NASA SE Region Round 3 Recap
Written by AgRacer   
Monday, 21 March 2016 18:58

Round 3 of the Southeast Region 944Spec season included the largest field of 944Spec cars ever assembled for a Southeast Region race at 11.

Saturday Recap

Saturday qualifying saw the regular front runner Jason Stanley as fastest and a Southeast Region veteran of Brian Evans on outside pole, but then the next 4 cars all qualified within a second of each other led by the rookie Kyle Kimball.

#444 K. Kimball (R)#17X J. Pohlman

#521 J. Barber

The start of the race saw the Mid-South Champion Jeremy Pohlman trying an inside pass in the grass around Joel Barber and Pete Yousko for fourth. Cars remained two wide up all the way up the steep hill through Turn 3 where Stanley maintained the lead, followed by the rookie Kimball, and ‘he who gives no quarter’ Barber. B. Evans fell back to 7th after carrying too much speed out of T7 and losing momentum running down that long Road Atlanta back stretch.

Exit of Turn 5 - Road Atlanta

At the start of lap 2, Kimball fell back to sixth after getting no quarter from Barber who executed inside pass in Turn 1. Kimball ran wide on the exit as a result taking the safe way out. With Yousko now in third, he worked an excelled launch off T7 to use a drafting pass into second past Barber finishing it off with a late braking maneuver down the inside of T10a.

Saturday Race Videos

View from J. Pohlman, #11X, 2nd Place

View from J. Werner, #117, 4th Place

2015 Western State Championships
Written by A. U. B. I. E.   
Monday, 10 August 2015 22:59

NASA's Western States Champions brought together eleven drivers from four regions to race around a dry lake bed between the sandy bluffs near Monterey Bay, California. The racers were headlined by:
Dan Williams, your 2014 944 Spec Eastern States Champion
Simon Peck, 3rd place 2014 NorCal/SoCal Crossover
Jim Hicks, 2014 SoCal 944 Season Champion

And the field of challengers:

Chuck Sharp
Mary Riddle
Jim Richmond
JP Molnar
Tony Mazzagatti
Alberto Fonseca
Joe Bajo
Tom Atteberry

Atteberry, Hicks and Fonseca were competing in their second consecutive Western States Championship event, Williams coming across the country to get a taste of West Coast racing.


Camaraderie was the name of the weekend, as perfect Northern California low-70s weather greeted the racers. The 944 Spec community would be tested right out the gate, when during Thursday's practice Joe Bajo had a freeze plug come loose in his cylinder head. Simon Peck and Jim Hicks lent their brains and wrench-power to get Joe back on track for Friday. Simon Peck emerged a philanthropist, having previous experience at the track, and loaned use of his car for a session as Joe hadn't been to Laguna Seca before.


2014 Western States Championship
Written by A. U. B. I. E.   
Sunday, 16 November 2014 19:25

November 7-9: A mid-pack view of the NASA Western State Championship 944 Spec race weekend.

Anytime you get to compete in a championship event your heart rate rises in anticipation, double the excitement if your first time is at a home track. Daybreak over the San Rafael bridge, Sonoma Raceway revealed her blind crests for the inaugural NASA Western State Championships. Had to start early and sunlight’s first rays radiated brightly off a setting moon as everyone prepped for the first session of the day. Drivers from California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and as far away as Illinois would be joining NorCal's local racer contingent.

Turn 1
Thursday's pre-race testing brought an inauspicious start to the weekend: Jim Richmond’s car coming off a tow truck, front left wheel shrugged into the wheelwell. Before Richmond was out of his driver’s suit, Jim Hicks, Ron Dale and others were rolling up their sleeves to get dirty and keep the 512 car on track for Friday’s sessions. Driving Concepts Racing School instructor, Carl Mc Ginn had a saying, paraphrased: "Your driving is your reputation." 944 Spec has a reputation: We come together for each other. The early diagnosis was a broken spindle and the group got Richmond’s wheels turning before sunset. Dan Piña’s reputation was growing, traveling all the way from Chicago with a second place from the Eastern Championship event, but he was swapping computers. His crew was working hard to get things right.

Our race director Tim Comeau summed it up proudly: “It shouldn't be about the car, it should be about how you drive it." Comeau wanted legal, compliant cars, zero contact reports and for everyone to have fun.

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