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Inaugural CA full-state championship series?
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TOPIC: Inaugural CA full-state championship series?

Inaugural CA full-state championship series? 6 years, 10 months ago #18631

I'd like to come down and run some SOCAL events in 2015. Anyone want to combine several events and maybe make our own points series? Maybe we could all put up some cash or prizes to make it more interesting?

I looked at both schedules and propose the following:

Feb 28 Willow Springs
Mar 14 Sonoma
Apr 18 Thunderhill
May 16 Autoclub
Jun 13 Buttonwillow
Jul 31 Laguna Seca
Sep 26 Sonoma
Oct 10 Buttonwillow

Points collected per NASA scoring. 4 race drops in season tally. $200 entry fee to run the series. Winner gets 30%, 15% for 2nd, 10% 3rd. Remainder of money pays for trophies and anything left is distributed evenly to everyone. We might be able to find some sponsorship as well.

I volunteer to organize and track the "series" or I'm fine to put that to vote or whatever people want to do.

Let's go have some fun this year! Who's in?

Re: Inaugural CA full-state championship series? 6 years, 10 months ago #18657

  • Atteberry
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I like the idea. From a Southern California perspective I think the challenge will be Thunderhill. Most of the drivers in our region are from San Diego so that distance may make it difficult. Maybe we can get NASA to chip in something or at least help introduce us to sponsors. In NorCal is it possible to work on not running with PRC. If we run in a NASA group of similar speed that may be better for all involved.

Re: Inaugural CA full-state championship series? 6 years, 10 months ago #18662

  • BritRacer
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I have to say, it was nice running in a similar speed group. I felt I had more time to race and was less worried about traffic coming through. Yes there was traffic but it was not suddenly there, it took them half a lap to get close enough for me to let them through.

I am thinking about going to some SoCal events but double I will be in the running for the title.
Jason Jane

Re: Inaugural CA full-state championship series? 6 years, 10 months ago #18663

Thunderhill is a haul from SoCal but it might be worth it to try out the new track format that is now 5 miles long (assuming that's the config NASA will run). Putting Sonoma and Thunderhill back to back could mean guys could leave their rigs up here for March/April and minimize towing and expense. We could help find places to stash them.

I've started a discussion in the NorCal group about the PRC factor.

I intend this as an open discussion to figure something out. More drops? Different tracks/timing? Let's all figure out what works and get something going.

Re: Inaugural CA full-state championship series? 6 years, 10 months ago #18667

  • rd7839
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I love the idea! The tow to Fontana would be rough for us but eorth it. You know it seems Thunderhill is farther for you guys but the truth is if you head up I5 to I80 to go to Sonoma, continuing on straight up I5 to thunderhill is only a few miles further and timewise is no more than 1/2hour more. I live about 20 miles from the 5/80 junction and it takes me ten more minutes to get to Sonoma than it does Thunderhill.

The PRC thing is sticky but other groups are usually full. We are trying to work something out but what exactly is it about PRC you guys don't like? Maybe it would be easier to work those issues out.

Hopefully we get this worked out and I'll see y'all at Willow Springs this winter!
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Re: Inaugural CA full-state championship series? 6 years, 10 months ago #18714

  • cbuzzetti
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Sounds great, So-Cal has a limited schedule next year and the group was looking for options.

Agree that T-Hill is a long haul. But it is also a very fun track. Definetly want to check out the new addition.

I wont be running a full schedule in 944 next season as I have a second car (SE30) that I plan to race as well. But I am interested in racing at Sonoma a couple of times next season.

The PRC issue is the way we are treated like idiots and the rules are ridiculous. The speed differential is huge as well.

In So-Cal we are usually grouped with SM and E30 so all the cars are close to the same speeds and it works well.
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