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2014 Rule Change Decisions
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TOPIC: 2014 Rule Change Decisions

2014 Rule Change Decisions 8 years, 9 months ago #16901

We had a good debate this year with lots of suggestions. The series directors deliberated over these offline, and some good solutions and compromises were hashed out The decisions, and a brief explanations follow below.

1. Balance shaft (belt) delete


There is too much uncertainty about the adverse consequences, even among major engine builders.
The vote was about even, and offered no compelling reason for a rules change given the potential risks involved.

2. Oil Pan Gasket retainer


This had fairly overwhelming support in the vote count, and seems low risk for unintended consequences.

3. Expand legal ballast mounting area


No compelling reason for a rules change, and vote was negative.
Current location is one of the stronger/safer places to mount ballast in a 944.

Competitors are reminded that attempts to end run around the ballast rule are subject to penalties. Anything that is heavy, and unnecessary, or unreasonably heavy for it's intended function may be deemed ballast at the discretion of a NASA official, and subject to ballast restrictions on mounting and location. If anyone has questions on this, they are encouraged to contact their series director, or me on what they have in mind, or with any concerns.

4. Allow 205/50/15 RR Toyo RR tires


Vote went against. Potentially messy.

5a. Remove rule 12.5 Heads and allowable shaving


Popular vote was close.
After some discussion among the series directors, it was decided that dyno and whistler availability is not sufficient to eliminate this rule at this time.

5b. Remove rule 13.5 computer management system


Vote was unanimous against this proposal

6. Remove 18 - Special Transition allowance


Vote was to keep this rule, and series directors thought it was useful enough to keep.

7. Allow offset Woodruf key

Approved, but limited to 2 degree offset key, and low compression piston engines only

This proposal had the most debate by the series directors. While it is widely agreed that there should be some allowance to improve the situation of the low compression piston cars, there was significant concern over the expense of dyno testing to dial this in for a given car and head shave. There is also little hard data to guide racers. Online sources indicate that somewhere around 3 degrees is needed to correct a significantly shaved head, and less for lesser shaves. Commonly available offset keys come in 2 and 4 degree offsets. It was thought that offering a single, conservative option would greatly simplify the process, and lessen the expense involved in implementing this new rule, while still offering some benefit to the low compression cars. It should also be low risk. So the compromise is one take-it-or-leave-it option: OEM, or an offset Woodruff key with 2 degrees of advance.

8. Outlaw '88 computer


Vote was negative, and it was thought there was not a compelling reason to force change on a large installed base of cars.

9a. Allow blocks to be honed 20 thousandths oversize, and bores redone by factory process
9b. Allow exact reproduction '88 piston, 20 thousands oversize


The vote was surprisingly close, and the day for this rule change is coming, but not yet. As of now, the availability of motors has not reached the pain threshold for a major rules change.

10. Transmission Cooler


The vote was close here as well.
We now have data showing high temps, especially with sustained running in hot ambient temps. While the effect of these temps on failure rates is not clear, expert opinion on the observed 270 degree oil temps is unfavorable with regard to transmission life. LSD transmissions, in particular, are getting more scarce and expensive. As this is an entirely optional modification, with no significant performance potential, it was passed.

We will not allow Turbo cases/oil pump gears, only external pumps and coolers.

11. Allow crankcase breather to vent to a catch can


Vote was highly positive. Little downside, and removed any gray area for cars so equipped.

12a. Limit ram air ducting to bumper turn signal hole - or-
12b. No ducting to air filter element outside of OEM configuration. May use open element air filter within the engine compartment


Both went down by popular vote by a substantial margin.

13. Allow use of Lexan for rear side windows.


Vote was highly positive, and has several years of requests now.
The Lexan will have to be in the OEM window gaskets to maintain OEM look.
May be used to mount ducts for cooling purposes - driver or car.

14. Removal of spare tire well for all cars


Surprisingly (to me) went down hard by popular vote. This does not change the existing allowance for late cars.

Dyno Rules

Moving forward, we will clarify that cars may be topped off of fluids, and that dyno sessions are open to all. In practice, this has been the case, but it was thought wise to mak the rules clear.

We will allow competitors to request a 5 pull compliance run, with the lowest, and highest pulls being dropped, and the middle 3 averaged. A competitor must request this option before the start of compliance pulls, and than they are stuck with the results. If a standard 3 pull run would have worked out better, they cannot go back and ask for their results to be reconstructed it ex post facto). We will monitor this option moving forward, to see if this option results in any significant change in outcomes.

No change in temperature specifications. Series directors will need to be prepared need to use external means to determine oil temps on cars without gauges that read in numbers (or no oil temp gauge at all).

These rules will be inserted into the rules and sent to the NASA main office. While they are always subject to revision and approval by NASA, the expectation (and practice for many years) is that they are adopted as recommended.

I hope this helps all with their offseason plans for the 2014 season!
Eric Kuhns

National Director Emeritus

2007, & 2008 National Champion
2011, 2012 2nd
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Re: 2014 Rule Change Decisions 8 years, 9 months ago #16903

  • RacerX
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Sounds like it was a productive week for you and the rest of the series directors. About how long before these new "suggestions" become part of the rules?? Lots of stuff to do before spring!!
Ken Frey #3 944-Spec MW Region

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Re: 2014 Rule Change Decisions 8 years, 9 months ago #16904


NASA has always gone along with our recommendations to date. The only significant (but still small) potential for issues is messing with the dyno rules. I think you can starting building the car based on the rest.
Eric Kuhns

National Director Emeritus

2007, & 2008 National Champion
2011, 2012 2nd

Re: 2014 Rule Change Decisions 8 years, 9 months ago #16905

  • JerryW
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Thanks for the prompt update - and very specifically for the explanations of the reasons for each approve/deny.

Please keep us updated on the progress with NASA acceptance
Jerry Whitteridge
Norcal #552

Re: 2014 Rule Change Decisions 8 years, 9 months ago #16909

  • cbuzzetti
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Thank you Eric, all the Series Directors and competitors for participating in the rules discussion and voting process.

Thank you for posting these in a timely manner.

Looks like the voters prefer minimal rules changes.

I believe the offset woodruff key will help the low compression motors get to a more competitive HP rating.
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Re: 2014 Rule Change Decisions 8 years, 8 months ago #17021

Final rules change draft sent to the National Office today.
See the ram air thread for the final update.
Eric Kuhns

National Director Emeritus

2007, & 2008 National Champion
2011, 2012 2nd
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